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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
baby i don't know where they'll take me.

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Would you rather kill or get killed?
Saturday, August 6, 2011 // 8:57 AM

Would you rather kill or get killed?

Answer here

Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011
Monday, January 3, 2011 // 9:52 PM


yeah it's been really late that i have greeted you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Cause i was busy these few days i celebrated my holiday at San Juan, Metro Manila . That's where my dad & mom really came from.It was really fun , i had fun with my cousins and relatives I almost slept really late there haha like 5 am sometimes

I guess this 2010 Christmas was one one the BEST CHRISTMAS I had in my life, but sadly my mom wasn't with us cause she's currently at Singapore she's working there right now. But still we greeted her through phone.

Well yeah there's still one thing that made my Christmas Day so happy Because it was the day that i already met Him. Yeah i mean my boyfriend, We only knew each other from facebook is that weird or what? LOL , yeah & btw that picture was edited cause i really look weird on that.He gave me a necklace as a christmas gift isn't that sweet? on january 08 will be our 6th monthsary it took 5 months before we met . Because our place was kinda far to each other. He was really sweet to me I hope i made him happy on that day, cause he really made me happy After that day we also met after that day and watched some movies, hang around, went to mall like usual lovers do And so i'm already back here in Pampanga im gonna miss him so much I really miss him everyday of my life and i love him so much. I hope that our relationship will last longer.


My New Year's Eve was kinda tired LOL and my tummy was always full because of many food that i had eaten at our house. I was very tired that time cause, my little sister cried and cried because of those Firecrackers She's really afraid of it and she never stopped crying she wants to be with her on our house, so yeah i was just on our house all the time accompanying her to stop crying She started to cry at 8pm and stopped at 1:30am yeah seriously she didn't stop But i get used to it at 1am when she kinda stopped crying and started to fell asleep . I already went outside to see my friends & cousins too. I think i slept at 4am that time and woke up 12pm in the afternoon.

I hope all of us would have a Merry & Happy 2011 like we had on our 2010 But i hope everything would get better today than last year, Belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all the Bloggers out There!

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Friday, December 17, 2010 // 9:33 PM

I spent my day with my friends yesterday i t was out fieldtrip We we're excited to take a tour at Enchanted Kingdom and of course, enjoy its thrilling rides. But we went to many places before we went there.


Quezon City Memorial Circle is a national park and shrine located at Quezon city. The monument consist of three vertical pylons. Representing (Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao) . It is 66 meters (Quezon's age when he died) sorrounded by three mourning angels holding sampaguita ( phillipines national flower) wreaths sculpted by the italian sculptor monti

We just walked around the park while looking at the nice view of this place . It's a nice place where you can really be relaxed. Many people were there at that time. Some are playing like sepak takraw and badminton

This is the Sarcophagus housing remains of President Quezon. You'll also see the things that president quezon had been used when he was still alive . And also some pictures of him and also with his family.

This is place is really nice where you can know a lot of things about his life .


Our second stop is here at UP LOS BANOS we just came here for our lunch break we ate at their BOTANICAL GARDEN. This school is really famous here at the phillipines . People say that students here are really intelligent LOl i just dont know if that's true but maybe it is .

Their garden is really nice it has falls there but you should take a walk for maybe 10 minutes. I was pretty scared on that place cause it's like a jungle or what. I don't wanna go to that place again where you can see the falls.


This is my favorite part of our trip

At first we thought that we won't enjoy our trip here at Enchanted Kingdom cause there are really many people there. Before you can ride you should for maybe an a hour and 30 minutes . We were there at 3:00pm but after a hour and 30 minutes we were still waiting in line to ride at Anchors Away but when it was our time to part. WTF we enjoyed a lot haha it was really worth for waiting for an hour and 30 minutes there


Excitement turned into trepidation, fright and panic when we took our seat for the ride . When we were being lifted to the ground we started screaming . Some even uttered explicit. We can't explain the feeling especially when get to the peak of the tower. Though it gave us a snapshot of almost of the whole town . With eyes wide open. It was a sudden drop - a quick- two second drop from the peak of the ground . We all felt like our heart beat stopped and we felt like we were lifted into the air . EKstreme is 150 high and it is build as a part of the 15th anniversary of the amusement park. It is not included in your ride-all-you-can treat.

There's a 50php entrance fee for EKstreme

Other amusment park rides we conquer: Anchor's Away, Roller Coaster Skate, Rio grande. Which we enjoyed too bad Space shuttle was under maintenance that time .

Enchanted Kingdom is very enthralling at night . Most of the stalls, rides, and benches are covered with lights that comes in various colors. One will enjoy gazing around and taking pictures .

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My drawings
Thursday, December 9, 2010 // 11:06 PM

Im bored today i just wanna share some of my drawings/sketches that i'm doing everytime im bored at home i know im not that good at all i need more practice on it i love to draw anime since i was a child and until now i kept on sketching my favorite anime characters. . .

I draw this one for my boyfriend I know it's not that cute but anyways thank for those who greeted us last december 8 cause it was our 5th monthsary I love him so much always and forever will

Some photos of my drawings:

Sometimes i also draw some stuffs using gimp it's cool to use you can do many things on here and it's easy to use

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